Q&A w/ Carlos of Police and Thieves

With a brand new EP out, and a Brooklyn show with Cruel Hand coming up, I figured you might be interested in some more info on Police and Thieves. Carlos Izurieta, singer of Police and Thieves, took a few minutes to talk to us about the band and demonstrate his great taste in new music.

1. What was the reason Worn Thin called it quits, and what was the impetus behind Police and Thieves (or The Law at the time) getting together?

Well it was after we played the Youth Of Today reunion show in Philly that we decided to break up, we had a good run but it seemed like everyone was moving in different directions. Not music wise, but literally. Before we decided to break up we had plans to record a full length to be released as a split release on Youngblood and Lorelei records (Russ Rankin’s Label (Good Riddance, Only Crime) and we also had a few offers to tour Europe as well as another tour with our boys in Down to Nothing.

But then it all started to unravel as Steve (drummer) told us he was getting married and moving to Kentucky in the next few months and Alex (second guitar player) had already moved to Richmond, VA. Then Tad (bassist) told us he was moving in the next few months to LA to be in a punk band called the Mercy Killers (Hellcat Records).

At that point the core of the band was me, Brad and Tad. We had some rotating members, but honestly there’s no way to replace that many members at once and call yourself the same band, you lose the spirit and continuity that defines your band’s sound.

After our last show I was pretty bummed out on music and doing bands, it was tough to watch something you put your heart and soul into for five years fall apart without being able to do anything about it.

I really did not want to do another band but I had talked to some old friends before Worn Thin broke up about doing a side project, I wanted it to be a mix between Dag Nasty “Can I Say era”, Embrace and Rites of Spring. So when they called me a few months after Worn Thin broke up I decided to give it a chance and so far it has been a lot of fun.

2. What was the reason for the name change?

Well we could not decide on a name and Michael (guitar) suggested the Law, no one hated it and no one liked it, so we used it on the flyer for the first show. The night of the first show Tad, who did the artwork for the demo suggested we change the name to Police & Thieves after the Junior Mervin song. So for once we were all stoked on a name and went with it.

It’s funny how many people would be like you know there was already a band named Cops and Robbers and we’re like for the hundredth time we know or how many people tell us it’s their favorite Clash song, which is cool but then I have to break it down and tell them it’s really named after an old reggae jam.

3. You’ve been around the scene for a long time. What do you think the biggest change that has taken place is since you started going to shows?

The biggest change I have seen has been the placement of bands into these nice safe boxes, for example: bands are no longer punk bands or hardcore bands, now its they are a screamo band, or crust punk band, or mosh metal band or emo core band, and I could go on and on. This has bled into shows being booked that way, like oh that’s a mosh core show or that’s a crust punk show. What I use to like about shows when I was coming up was the diversity of it, like a hardcore band, and indie band and a metal band would all be on the same bill and tons of kids would show up. And I’m not sure if it’s the case in NYC, but in DC you have to pick and choose which show you want to go because we are spoiled in a good way here, as there is a decent show here almost every night. But there are still kids and organizations that have mixed bill shows, for example we played a show last Saturday for Positive Force in DC with 2 totally different bands than us and the place was packed and kids checked out all the bands and had a great time.

4. What new hardcore bands are you most excited about?

I am really stoked on a bunch of new bands, I’ll list a few and I’m sorry if I leave anyone out, check out these bands:
Mindset, Depth Charge, Reignition, ON, Cloak/Dagger (the new cd they just recorded is insane), Right Idea, Obits, Defiance, Ohio, Control, Memorial, Savage Land, The Night Marchers, Ante Up, New Habitat, The Fordists, Cheap Tragedies, Timber, Redemption

5. How would you fend off a zombie attack?

Ha-ha for that I would have to call my friend Lauren (lil’debs), she watches all those movies and would know the right thing to do.

Thanks again for the interview, we dig your site and for those who don’t know our new 7″ and cd is out now on Youngblood Records…hopefully we’ll see you in Brooklyn, we’re stoked to play and so is my 11 year old cousin who lives in Bushwick and would probably never get to see us unless we play there…
with love

Make sure to mark your calendars for Police and Thieves’ October 10th show at The Stolen Sleeves Collective and pick up a copy of their new record on Youngblood Records!


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