Free iPhone Wallpapers and Sneaker Related Stuff

Life hasn’t been the same since getting my iPhone last March. I like checking out new accessories for it, but am not a fan of most cases, since they make the phone too bulky to slip into my pocket. I got my hands on a Music Skin this week, which I love because it:
1. dresses up my iphone
2. is removable, so I can change it often
3. doesn’t block the headphone jack or camera lens
4. doesn’t add any bulk

And a fun fact – they have a site where you can download backgrounds to match your Music Skin…which isn’t protected, so you can download any background you want for FREE!
I grabbed the matching David White painting for my skin, but also grabbed an ALife one, a Miska one, and a few others. They keep adding more everyday, so it’s worth revisiting the site often.



(look how nicely it fits around the camera and headphone jack!)








One response to “Free iPhone Wallpapers and Sneaker Related Stuff

  1. Your iPhone skin really very superb dude.. Can you tell me where can i get a skin like this for my iPod Touch ?? But i want the design to be Ubuntu Linux Skin šŸ™‚

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